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Monthly Specials


• Single Sessions
• 30-45 mins – $45

• Packages
• 30-45 mins
• 4 – $99
• 8 – $189

It’s time for a Detox!!!
And what better way to Detox than laying in comfort, relaxed and unplugged from the world while burning calories!?!

Infrared heat works by warming the body directly and can burn up to 800 calories in a single session!

The heat penetrates deeply into your body at the cellular level stimulating changes such as detoxification, smoother blood circulation, immune system improvement, and soothing of sore muscles and aches.

Appointments Available

Not recommended if you have:
- A heart condition (pace maker)
- Pregnant or nursing
- Actively going through Chemo

If you would like a hard copy of your Gift Certificate, please call or text us at 985-236-0144, Or you can come by our shop at 302 Church St in Houma for pick up by appointment.

Message Our Facebook page or call 985-236-0144 to book one of our Amazing Sales
All gift certificates expire after 6 months. No refunds or exchanges.

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